Exclusive Bags Collection Presentation

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Hotel Miba in Salobrena on April 11th hosted a fashion presentation of handmade designer bags and accessories by Sonia Gonay.

Exclusive Eco Fashion

Sonia Gonay bags are unique and exotic. They are created in small quantities using finest material and extreme attention to every detail, which makes them exclusive. The bags and accessories are handmade in Spain.

Sonia has dedicated all her life to fashion design. During 3 exciting decades in the industry she has been trying new approaches and learning new crafts. She never was to shy to try new, revolutionary materials. She is one of groundbreaking eco fashion designers who creates fish skin bags using very durable and soft salmon skin.

Sonia Gonay has been creating leather bags not just from from exotic fish leather, but also from luxurious python leather, crocodile leather and traditional leather. She mastered her craft for years and now presents several collections of brand new bags.

They are limited edition made in Spain. The bags are created in very small quantities 3 to 5 pieces of each color. The colors are hand painted especially for Sonia with certified ecological paint which is radiant and bold.

Sonia Gonay Collection

In hotel Miba Sonia displayed few collections of her exclusive bags.

Her Fiesta collection of chic fish leather purses is an amazing combination of eco friendly sustainable materials and luxurious charm. The collection responds perfectly to modern eco cult and not forgets about fashion, it is eco fashion. The colors are shiny and bold. Chameleon purse, Hologram purse, Green Emerald purse, you name it. Bag from fiesta collection is the focal point of any fashion look.

Sonia Gonay also presented more casual collection of salmon leather bags and purses. They are stylish, ecological and very durable. Some bags are combination of fish leather and python leather.  Bags from these collection are dedicated to the concept of slow fashion. These are made-to-last bags in luxe materials and unique design.

Sonia also presented collection of bags from traditional leather and fur in very bold and unique design. Each bag is a fashion statement and immediately draws attention. For customers who want to participate in the design process Sonia Gonay creates custom one of a kind handmade bags. She makes any design and any color per request. It is a unique opportunity to create your own one of the kind designer bag, handmade by experience fashion designer, using locally supplied materials and quality workmanship. These bags are made fair bags celebrating the concepts of mindful consumption and slow fashion.